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St Joseph the Worker

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Year 6

Dear Parents and Class 6

Just a reminder to say that, as you know our Book Week will be slightly different this year as we will mainly be staying in our 'bubbles'.

Book week will take place from Monday 19th October to Thursday 22nd October and we will be dressing up in Book Character Costumes on Wednesday 21st October.

Books will be available to buy online from the Book Fair so I hope you will have time to look at the selection. We will also try to put lots of Book related activities in place for Class 6 during the Week including our much-loved Performance Poetry.

Thank you for all for your imagination and help with Costumes.

Mrs Chandler, Mrs Lyons and Mrs Campbell

Dear parents,

                  It's brilliant to welcome the children back to Year 6 and St Joseph the Worker. Things might not be completely the same but we are all being positive and looking forward to an exciting and stimulating Autumn Term.

It's great that the children are now top of the school-it doesn't seem long ago that they were joining us for the first time and now

they look so grown up. Obviously, all of the other pupils look up to this class and see them as role models and we have every confidence that the present Year 6 will live up to our expectations.

                There are lots of lovely things that we can do together this term such as making potions for our study of Harry Potter, designing and making Mayan masks, improving our maths skills and becoming Scientists as we learn how to classify animals in Science and becoming SJW's. Also, it's fantastic to renew our friendships and work as a team to improve our physical fitness in P.E.

We hope that the children manage to enjoy their first term in Year 6 as we're working hard to ensure their curriculum and experience is as rich and varied as usual.

                             Mrs Chandler and Mrs Lyons            

                                                  HOME LEARNING




MATHS:      We are doing area and perimeter at the moment

                   We will also be doing volume   see pdf ending in 709300/310/311


ENGLISH:  We are writing stories at the moment. Plan and write a story about two children who shelter in an old abandoned house from a storm. Describe the house and the scary things they find.


R.E:  Our topic is 'Vocation and Commitment'.

Jesus asked Simon Peter the Fisherman to leave his nets and follow him. Write a letter pretending you are Peter to expalin to your family why you have to leave and follow Jesus.


GRAMMAR:   see pdf  ending in 709222/230


COMPREHENSION:  see pdf ending in  709240/709250


SPELLING:  see pdf ending in 709220/221




GEOGRAPHY:  Design a poster to explain why we should be careful around Rivers.


PE: 10 minutes aerobics daily