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St Joseph the Worker

Catholic Primary School

Year 6

Autumn Term


 Welcome to Class 6. I bet you can't believe you're finally here. Well, this term is going to be pretty packed with lots of exciting things for us to do. We'll be trying some new activities at Danbury Outdoor Centre very soon and we've got Book Week early in October.

As you know, it's the 50th anniversary of St Joseph the Worker School this year, so our Book Week will be celebrating Classic Picture Books from the last fifty years. It will be exciting to see a big variety of costumes on Dress Up Day and to learn a bit of Performance Poetry. If we can fit in some work this term we will be learning about The Maya; dipping into 'The Prisioner of Azkaban', discoverning how to make masks and researching animal groups in Science (amongst other things!)

And finally- Year 6 will be slotting in auditions for the School Production (in which they will take the starring roles) between learning how to become magnificent SJWs. Not much going on then really is there...?

Mrs Chandler