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St Joseph the Worker

Catholic Primary School

Year 5

Dear Class 5


of We hope you're looking forward to coming back to school as we've been busy getting everything ready for you and we can't wait to welcome you to a fabulous new class. There are so many things to look forward to and learn about now you will be Upper Juniors.

We know all of you have wonderful talents which will be revealed to us and through our exciting work we will be able to see just what you can do.

  We will be studying some brilliant topics in Year 5 such as learning about the Ancient Egyptians in History, reading a fast paced adventure story in English and learning how to write like real authors. You will be able to join lots of clubs before school including netball and football clubs before school and we have lots of active treats for the sporty ones amongst you.

  We bet you can't wait to see your friends again and join your St Joseph's family again. We are going to have a splendiferous term aren't we?

                                                  Mrs Chandler Mrs Parker

                                                           and Mrs Hills 


If you have any questions or enquiries please don't hesitate to ask me on the door at the end of the day.