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Following consultation, the Governing Body have decided to remove the requirement for a Certificate of Catholic Practice from the school's oversubscription criteria in the Admissions Policy 2025/2026.    This change was proposed following the issuance of Diocesan Guidance on Admission to Catholic Schools by the Brentwood Diocesan Director of Education on 20th September 2023 on behalf of the Diocesan Bishop.    In that Guidance, it said that:   'A higher test than 'Catholic' (i.e. that of 'practising Catholic' ) must not be used unless there is an absolute shortage of places in that locality.....When there are sufficient places in Catholic schools within the locality for all Catholic children, other criteria should be used to distribute the available places on an equitable basis.'      Taking account of this Guidance, and mindful of the trend over the last few years that St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Primary School is no longer oversubscribed with Catholic children, the Governors proposed the removal of the Certificate of Catholic Practice from the oversubscription criteria.      Consultation took place on the proposed change from 28th November 2023 until 9th January 2024.     


Following the consultation, the Governors met to consider the responses received.    There was a concern expressed in the responses that the proposed change would dilute the Catholicity of the school.  Having considered this, the Governors decided that, as the school is not currently oversubscribed with Catholics, so that the Certificate of Catholic Practice is currently redundant, no Catholic children are disadvantaged and the removal of the Certificate of Catholic Practice does not dilute the Catholicity of the school but simply reflects the Catholicity of those applying.   


Moreover, the Admissions Code 2021 states that the admitting authority for a religious school must have regard to guidance from the religious authority.    The Governors were following the Guidance from Brentwood Diocese when proposing this change and have also sought advice from the Diocesan Director of Education on the change.  


The Admissions Code 2021 also requires admitting authorities to make the criteria for oversubscription as simple and as accessible as possible.   The Governors are of the view that removing the additional step of getting a Certificate of Catholic Practice, when Catholic children would all get offered a place anyway (without a Certificate of Catholic Practice),  would simplify the criteria and remove the need to obtain an unnecessary piece of paperwork.        


The Governors therefore determined that the Certificate of Catholic Practice should be removed from the oversubscription criteria in the Admissions Policy 2025/2026.    


The Governors will keep this position under review annually when determining the school's admissions arrangements.   

St Joseph the Worker Catholic School Virtual Tour

If your child is due to start school in September 2024 we will be offering tours of the school and an opportunity to meet the Headteacher during November 2023. Please ring the school office in September 2023 on 01277 227282 for further information.

Below is the virtual tour which we made in September 2020 when we were unable to have visitors into our school. Covid restrictions in classes were in force at the time so some of our practices, for example seating arrangements, were changed to comply with the guidance. We hope it will still give you a flavour of St Joseph the Worker.

If you would like to make an application for your child to attend our school, please click on the Essex Link below for more details on the Admission process and complete the Supplementary Information Form.



From 1st April 2022, the Local Authority will no longer manage mid-year admissions for our school.


From 1st April all mid year applications should be made directly to the school, using the mid-year application form available on our website from 1st April or from the school office. Mid-year applications (sometimes called in-year applications) are any application for a school place made to a year group, apart from September admissions to Reception. 


For applications into existing year groups, a place will be offered when the number of pupils in the relevant year group is below our published admission number of 30 for each year group.


Please note: if a mid-year application is received during a school holiday, we will respond as soon as possible when the school reopens.

Essex County Council Admissions Details


If you wish to appeal against a decision not to admit your child, please refer to the Essex County Council website.