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What will we be doing in Class R for the Autumn Term?

Our aim for the first few weeks of the term is to settle the children into school and ensure they feel happy and safe in their new environment. We will be teaching the children social skills, how to play with their peers, how to follow the school rules, the daily routine and our school prayers.

We will begin to study the Letters and Sounds programme almost immediately and hold our annual phonics information session for parents.

We will be learning to recognise, count and explore numbers to 10 and beyond, recognise 2D shape in and around the environment and use it to make patterns. We will also be learning to measure using non-standard units and to have a sense of time.

Class R will be covering two main topics this term;”Ourselves” in the first half of the term and “Festivals and Celebrations “in the second half of the term. We will also learn about Autumn and Winter as the seasons change. In the topic “Ourselves” the children will be learning about who they are and where they come from. They will discuss and develop an understanding of their own emotions as well as those of others. Through the topic of “Festivals and Celebrations” the children will be finding out about festivals from different faiths and cultures.

The strands we explore within each topic will be guided by the children’s interests and will be planned together as a class as the weeks develop.

Our RE themes for the term are “Belonging”, “Baptism” and “Advent”. We will be teaching the children that they are loved by God and made in his image. They will also learn that we are all God’s children and that we must love one another as he loves us.

If you are interested in coming into school to help with changing books, reading, filing, cooking, sewing or have a talent or profession to share, you would be most welcome. Please let Mrs Gander know.

We look forward to seeing you all at “Meet the teacher” on Thursday 13th September at 6.00pm.

September 2018


What will I be doing in Class R for the Spring Term?

Class R will be covering several topics this term: “Weather”, “Long long ago” and “People who help us”.

Through the topic of “Weather” we will be learning about the world around us and how it develops and changes. We will learn about the geography of our local area in relation to the wider world. We will use maps and a globe. We will also look at what effect the weather has on us.

The topic about “Long long ago” will teach us about people and animals in the past and the similarities and differences between our lives. We will learn how to be a detective and how to look for clues.

In English we will be continuing to develop our phonic knowledge, identifying initial sounds in words and spelling CVC words. We will also be learning to write short sentences and to begin to use simple punctuation.

In Mathematics we will be focusing on identifying and writing numbers to 20, and above, adding two groups of objects, finding one more than and one less than, reading the time to o’clock as well as position and positional language. We will also measure using non standard units.

Our RE topics are: “Celebrating”, “Gathering” and “Growing”. Through the topic of “Celebrating” we will be learning about the importance of Jesus being born and how the parish and our families celebrate. We will learn about Lent through the topic of “Gathering” and that it is a time to be like Jesus as we prepare for Holy Week and Easter. The topic of “Growing” will teach us about spring and new life as we learn that Jesus rose from the dead to go to live with God in heaven.

January 2019

What will Class R be doing in the Summer Term ?

This term in Class R the topics we will be covering are: “Growing”, “Pirates”, and “Under the sea”.

Through the topic on “Growing” we will be learning about planting, growing fruit, vegetables and flowers and healthy eating. We will learn about the parts of a plant and what they are needed for.

The topic of “Pirates” will teach us about stories and poetry. We will learn about myths of the sea and how to create our own stories.

Through the topic of “Under the sea” we will learn about a range of sea life that lives in various climates. We will discover how their eco systems differ and what they need to survive. We may also learn about shipwrecks depending on where the children’s interests take us.

We will be working closely with the Class 1 teacher to ensure the children are well prepared for returning to school after the summer holidays.

In Literacy we will be learning about a range of text types and using them as an example for our own writing. We will be teaching the children to write in sentences using capital letters and full stops.

In Maths we will be focusing on solving simple addition and subtraction sums using numbers to 20, understanding, recognising and using money and halving and doubling.

In RE our topics will be “Good News”, “Friends” and “Our world”. Through the topic on “Good News” we will learn about the story of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. The topic on “Friends” will teach us to explore our own friendships and to know that God offers us forgiveness and that we should forgive others. The final topic “Our World” will teach us about people all around the world. We will learn that the world is God’s gift for us to enjoy.

April 2019