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St Joseph the Worker

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Year 3

Welcome to Class 3’s page

This term we will be exploring stories with familiar settings to see how the author gets us to use our senses to imagine what the setting for the story is like. We will travel back in time to the Stone Age for our history topic and experience a day in the life of a Stone Age cave dweller at Hadleigh Country Park on 17th October.

In Science we will be exploring and working scientifically to observe, identify and classify different types of materials. We will also be learning about our bodies and what we need to eat to keep healthy.

Our Geography topic links with our History. The children will identify a variety of settlements within the UK. They will describe similarities and differences and understand reasons for different settlements and land use.

If that is not enough, we will in the second half of the term, be rehearsing our lines in order to entertain our families and friends in our annual Christmas Production.

We are all looking forward to a fun and exciting term.

Mrs Kania

Colchester Castle