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Welcome to Class 4


Where has the Spring term gone? We have been so busy in Class 4 that the weeks have simply flown by!

All pupils have continued to work hard to reach their personal targets, with many of them achieving their pen licences and Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates for times tables. Some children have even gone on to earn their 'Mastery' Certificates!

We have been using our computing and literacy skills to write and produce news reports headlines about fictional events as well as stories about What's been going on in school...

Highlights in Class 4 this term include:

  • SLIPPERS!   Following a report that wearing slippers in Class helps children's concentration, our class councillors asked Miss Rossiter and the school council if we could trial wearing slippers in class. A lot of the pupils and teachers have brought in slippers and enjoy wearing them. As for concentration levels - the experiment continues!
  • OUR CLASS ASSEMBLY on 17th March, celebrated some of the work we've done in class, as well as our class Saint-Saint Patrick, whose feast day it was that day. The children worked really hard preparing for their assembly, learning lines, songs and Yoga poses!

     The assembly ended with an uplifting and entertaining interpretation of Riverdance.

  • OUR CLASS TRIP TO COLCHESTER ZOO on 24th March was the culmination of our Science topic on animal classification and habitats. The weather was perfect, the animals and zoo staff were very hospitable, and the children had a wonderful time! Mant thanks to our adult helpers on the day.
  • UKULELES- thanks to Miss Toft and Mrs Giles, the children have been fortunate to have had a brilliant introduction to playing another instrument in addition to the recorder-the Ukulele! The final lesson included a performance to another class of that old classic, An Octopus's Garden. Well done to all concerned!


We finish the term on a reflective note, thinking about the events of Holy Week, and the Stations of the Cross. Well done Class 4 for all your hard work this term. Looking forward to more adventures in the Summer term.  Happy Easter!


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