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St Joseph the Worker

Catholic Primary School

Year 2

Welcome to our class page. We are delighted to share a flavour of our work this year.


Just before Easter we entertained our families and friends with our class assembly. The grand finale was this short film, which we had great fun making. Enjoy!


In March we enjoyed a visit from Marcus Dilly. He transported us back to the battlefields of the Crimea where we visited the outstanding nurse who we have been learning about - Florence Nightingale. We learnt a little more about her family life before she became a nurse. Her 'daddy' showed us some of the toys she would have played with. It was also great fun learning the Viennese Waltz. The soldiers on the battlefield were encouraged to re-enact some of the scenes from Crimea in the 1850s. 


We have just completed our Science topic- Materials and their Uses. We carried out a series of investigations to find the best materials for different jobs. This included testing different fabrics to find the most waterproof and therefore suitable for clothing to wear in the rain and the strength of different papers to determine which would be best for wrapping a present. The highlight was when the children had to build a bridge using only paper, glue, sticky tape and scissors, which would be strong enough to support a car. The children recorded and evaluated every stage of each investigation.


Finally, we are so excited to be learning about a different locality through the life of Katie Morag, her family and friends. Thank you for the wonderful family trees which you prepared with your children for homework. It was a great start to the topic!





Family Tree

Family Tree 1